Free High Quality Preschool Programs

Children who participate in preschool are better prepared for the next steps in life.

Qualifying families can take advantage of free preschool in

Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook counties!

Free Preschool Eligibility

Families with income from 100% – 130% of the Federal poverty level or have SNAP benefits may be eligible for free preschool from specific providers.

2022 Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

Gross Income Limits

Household Size







D >200%

2 $18,310 $23,803 $36,620 Over $36,620
3 $23,030 $29,939 $46,060 Over $46,060
4 $27,750 $36,075 $55,500 Over $55,500
5 $32,470 $42,211 $64,940 Over $64,940
6 $37,190 $48,347 $74,380 Over $74,380
7 $41,910 $54,483 $83,820 Over $83,820

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Transportation Provided:

Language(s) in which children will receive formal instruction at this preschool site

Learning Setting

Listed with DHS and able to accept Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) payments

Specialized training or experience serving children

The 4 Benefits of Preschool


Being ready for kindergarten

Third Grade

More likely to be reading in the third grade

High School

More likely to graduate from high school


More likely to achieve greater lifetime earnings

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