Boulden-Rogen Early Childhood Academy



Locations in Bend,

Redmond, and Prineville

Boulden-Rogen Early Childhood Academy (BRECA)

Our mission is to expand on the teachable moments that happen every day. We believe in learning through hands-on play based education with child and teacher directed instruction. 

BRECA believes in a mindset focusing upon the strengths of our Students, Families, and Community to provide a lifelong commitment to learning. 

We are a Bilingual program that supports Spanish and English being spoken within the academies. 

Our Staff understand that your child’s first five years are among the most important in their development. Here at BRECA we offer a nurturing educational environment. Classrooms are organized by “interest areas” that are supported by experience early learning curriculum. and assessments and conferences 3 times a year. All sites have a Early Childhood Manager on site.

Locations in Bend


1929 NE Neff Rd, Bend OR

Locations in Redmond


1492 NW 6th, Redmond OR


388 SW 6th St., Redmond OR


1379 SW 15th, Redmond OR


1116 SW Obsidian Ave., Redmond OR

Locations in Prineville


490 SE 4th St, Prineville OR